In October 2017, I joined all the women on Instagram taking part in #nospendoctober with @rachelthehat.  This blog is a reflection on how I managed my self-imposed ban and why I wanted to take part. Now don’t get me wrong. I love shopping. I can and do spend hours in the pursuit of retail therapy. Which is why working as a personal stylist and colour analyst is so great. I get to do it for other people as well as for myself.  But, I wanted to see how I would manage with an active decision not to spend any...

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Later this month I’m helping my friend and colleague Lis McDermott, aka the Head Shot Diva in her one day workshop “Presenting Brand You”.  Embroiled in one of my planning sessions, it struck me that this would be a rather good subject for this month’s blog. The workshop will cover such topics as effective networking and dressing to create the right first impression. Plus, it includes a complimentary headshot by the wonderful Lis herself.  She’s a great photographer so this is a brilliant bonus for you if you attend. It’s aimed at women who are in business, that want...

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Christmas Sales – Beware the Bargain!

I LOVE A BARGAIN! The Christmas Sales are upon us already! I used to love the sales and couldn’t wait to grab a bargain!  Ask anyone that knows me and they know that Boxing Day started very early in the queues at Next where I would spend a lot of money on a lot of clothes!  And that was just the beginning.  I would spend the week between Christmas and New Year hunting down bargains and of course justifying it by saying I was saving money.  Ring any bells?  Well not anymore and I’m about to explain why. BREATHE...

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