Who doesn’t want to feel fabulous and stylish every day?

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." – Rachel Zoe

It’s my aim, with Ishbel’s Wardrobe, to help every woman or man be the best version of themselves – whatever that might happen to be. So, whether your personal style is casual or classic, sporty or boho or something in between, you can feel your own form of fabulousness every day.

But of course this is not just about finding the colours to best enhance your skin tone. It’s also about finding out what style best suits your body shape and personality.


Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • I’ve fallen into a colour rut.
  • I need to feel like me again.
  • I never have anything to wear even though my wardrobe is bursting at the seams.
  • I don’t know what styles suit me.

If you can identify with even one of those statements then it’s time to open Ishbel’s wardrobe and find the inspiration to make your own style work for you.

It’s not an age thing either! A colour and style consultation is not the preserve of the young. Whether you’re 20 yrs old or 70 years young style Nirvana can and should be yours!

Ishbel’s Wardrobe services aren’t automatically associated with luxury clothing. So whether your budget or preference is for high street, independent or designer – or a mix of them all – Reshma and Ishbel’s Wardrobe can make your wardrobe work for you.

So let your journey into style and colour start here – step on the road to increased confidence and that elusive ‘fabulous every day’ feeling.