Author: Reshma Field

Why we all wear uniforms and the psychology of colour

  How many of you have to wear a uniform? So many jobs require us to wear specific clothing that tells the world what we do and how to react to us.  What many of us do not realise is that what we wear everyday, whatever we are doing is our “uniform”.  Even if it’s not official.  What do you think about that?  Sounds a bit odd? Let me explain why this is true and how we can use this to our advantage to become more confident, raise our self esteem and be our authentic selves.  When we get...

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How To Stay Looking Stylish This Autumn

As the days turn colder and wetter, I’m in a dilemma about how to stay stylish whilst walking the dog and stopping my hair turning into a frizzy nest on top of my head. The frizzy hair is hard to tame but there are some great looking parkas out there at the moment. My go to for dog walking clothes is Joules. The waterproof parkas and wellies perfectly suit my clothing personality – florals, pinks and blues i.e. functional and a bit girly at the same time. For those with a more classic style, you can’t go wrong with...

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