The Christmas Sales are upon us already! I used to love the sales and couldn’t wait to grab a bargain!  Ask anyone that knows me and they know that Boxing Day started very early in the queues at Next where I would spend a lot of money on a lot of clothes!  And that was just the beginning.  I would spend the week between Christmas and New Year hunting down bargains and of course justifying it by saying I was saving money.  Ring any bells?  Well not anymore and I’m about to explain why.



I now follow some simple rules for shopping which applies to shopping in the sales too.  As an Image and Style Consultant I know the colours that suit me and the style of clothes that suit my body shape and personality.  This means that when I go shopping, I will not look at any clothes that are in colours that do not suit me or in a style that does not flatter me.  Its sounds simple but you can get caught up in all the “bargains” that you find.  What often happens is that those “bargain” purchases sit in your closet (with the labels still on) because actually, you know they were not quite right for you.  However, the lure of the bargain took over while your brain was in “sale shopping” mode.  So, stop, breathe, count to ten and decide if you will really wear that pink top that only costs a fraction of it’s original price.  Its it the right colour for you?  Is it the right style? Is it the right size?  If the answer is “no” to any of these questions DO NOT BUY IT!


Close-up of young woman carrying shopping bags while walking along the street

It’s something I ask myself whenever I am buying some clothes.  Whether it’s a plain blue top, or an evening dress I ask the same question.  Do I love it?  If I can walk out of the shop without it I will.  Forget “This will do” as it won’t.  If that sale dress doesn’t make you feel happy, confident, fabulous and comfortable, leave the shop without buying it.  If you do buy it, you will stop wearing it very quickly and it will actually have cost you more than the expensive dress you bought but wear all the time.  Remember the actual “cost” of something should be calculated as the cost per wear not the actual amount you paid for it.  A £10 shirt is expensive if you never wear it.  A £50 shirt is not expensive if you wear it once every couple of weeks for a couple of years.  DO THE MATHS!



I still love a bargain and I still love shopping in the sales which is just as well, as I shop with clients all the time!  However, I’m much better at making considered decisions in the sales and buying fab clothes that I know make me look great and feel amazing.  I hope this has helped and that you do find some great bargains so go forth and “add to cart” all those clothes that will make you look and feel fabulous too!