Are you applying for a job?
Would you like a pay rise?
Do you own your own business?
Are you looking for love?
Do you have a class reunion to attend?
Do you have an important presentation coming up?

The above questions may all seem a bit disconnected but they all have one thing in common.  Making a great first impression could help you secure that job, win more work, find love and knock them all for six at your class reunion. But how can you make a great first impression that lasts for the right reasons?  Well, I have a few tips that I would like to share with you.


I know, I know, it sounds so obvious! The problem is that we forget to do the simplest things when we are nervous.  A welcoming smile can make all the difference. People will immediately think you are friendly, approachable, warm and welcoming.  They will smile back! It will immediately put you and the people with you at ease.  It sets a friendly tone and people will gravitate to you.



What on earth do I mean? Well, what I mean is that you shouldn’t try and be someone you are not.  Be yourself and be the best version of yourself.  This means you will have more confidence and speak with more authority and come across as trustworthy and having integrity.  So that presentation will be a success and that job interview will be a doddle.  How do you do this? Remember a day when you felt amazing.  What were you wearing? how did you feel? What were you doing? Visualising this scenario will help you to replicate that feeling and if appropriate, what you were wearing.


man in suit

Even the most expensive suit will look rubbish if the fit is poor.  For example, for men’s suits, the sleeve should just barely cover the wrist bone.  If the sleeves are too long, it can ruin your appearance as it will look as if the suit is far too big.  If you are on the short side, keep your jacket slightly shorter to expose more leg length.



Wearing the right colours for the right occasion can really make a difference and will get you immediately noticed.  And if the colour is in the right shade and tone for your skin, it can light up your face, make you look younger and help to create the right mood.  Red is great for a date, or dark green which can create real drama.  Peaches and pinks represent compassion and caring.  Oranges and yellows create warmth, friendliness and radiance. Darker colours carry more authority. So if you want that pay rise or want people to take you seriously as a business owner, wear navy, or dark grey.



We all know how horrible a wet handshake can be if you are on the receiving end! Or the limp handshake when you are left wondering if the owner of that handshake has any conviction, authority or respect.  And what about the “bone crusher”?  A firm handshake is great, but too firm and you will leave the recipient in physical pain! Definitely not a great first impression. So my advice is practice on a friend, your partner, a work colleague or relative who won’t mind you shaking their hand a few times!

smiling woman

These are just a few tips that will help to make your first impression amazing.  Of course, you can always see me for a personal image audit, a colour analysis consultation or style session and find out how to look and feel amazing everyday.