As the days turn colder and wetter, I’m in a dilemma about how to stay stylish whilst walking the dog and stopping my hair turning into a frizzy nest on top of my head. The frizzy hair is hard to tame but there are some great looking parkas out there at the moment. My go to for dog walking clothes is Joules. The waterproof parkas and wellies perfectly suit my clothing personality – florals, pinks and blues i.e. functional and a bit girly at the same time. For those with a more classic style, you can’t go wrong with Hunter Wellies and a Barbour.

And when I’m not trudging through a muddy field, I like to seriously ramp up the glam factor even if I’m doing the weekly food shop or waiting at the school gates. My motto is “feel fabulous everyday”.

I’ve had a little mosey in the shops and I’ve not been disappointed.

Those with warmer skin tones will find amazing colours in M&S and New Look. The colours coincide with continuation of the 70’s revival that looks to be staying with us through Autumn as well.

For those of us with cooler skin tones, the colours of the 80s are flooding the high streets too. But unless you’re going to a fancy dress party, I would recommend avoiding the Ra Ra skirts and scrunchies.

At home, my tweens have been bombarding me with contouring tips, lip balms and nail art. Apparently you can buy Harry Potter lipsticks and they actually look quite good. With Halloween just round the corner I think I might just be tempted by ………

But what I’m really lusting after is Brave by Mac – in fact, I’ve just convinced myself I need another lipstick in my life so excuse me whilst I sort that out now. Feeling slightly more fabulous already.