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My social media profile is growing at a steady pace – well I am super active on it and my stories are the stuff of legend so it’s not so surprising. But it’s wonderful!  Anyway, thanks to my activity and the engagement of my lovely, regular followers, I’ve made some new connections in recent weeks. So, it seemed like a good idea to put out a blog about who I am! Well, I’m Reshma Field – of course. What I mean is – what lies beneath what you see on social media. What life events brought me from my yesterday to my today, running two businesses: Ishbel’s Wardrobe and Swindon Will Writing.

From Law to a love of fashion

Between xxx and xxxx I worked as a solicitor and partner in a Kent law firm. A far cry from fashion and fun! There could hardly be a greater chasm between two things. Yet, oddly enough, it was my life in law that inadvertently led to a life in fashion.

Opportunity knocks

During what I’ll call my ‘Kent Period’ the opportunity popped up to help organise a charity fashion show. My love of clothes and fashion is a big part of who I am – so I jumped at the chance! This charity event led to training as a stylist with my friend, Katy Day. Yet another opportunity that I leapt at.  So, around 7 years ago now, I retrained. When the Field family returned to Wiltshire I took the plunge and set up my own business as colour analyst and personal stylist. Cue Ishbel’s Wardrobe. My passion.

 I’d long wanted to create my own styling business to help women just like me. By which I mean women who’ve left behind the office and a formal world and taken the plunge to start their own businesses. These women are risk-takers, or entrepreneurs or simply women who wanted to be their own boss. And oh my God, it feels so good to work with such women!

Though, as if running one business were not enough of a challenge, I keep my toes planted in the legal pond as a Will Writer in Swindon. I love that I get to keep my skills up-to-date by helping people with their Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney documents.

The Personal Stuff

A massive part of who I am is my family. They’re my world. My two little humans are fast growing into independent young women with their own style. Meanwhile my two gingers, the Red Head Husband and Sebby the dog, drive me and our girls crazy on a regular basis – as only red heads can. Yet I love them all to bits.

I’m the furthest thing from being a domestic goddess that you can imagine. Ask me ‘What would Delia do?’and I’d like as not say ‘Delia who?’ I can’t cook, I’m rubbish at domestic chores and I do not, under any circumstances, do camping. It’s five star all the way – or I stay on the sofa! I like to think though, that I’m setting my daughters a brilliant example of being who you want to be and not what others expect of you.

 Besides being rubbish at chores, I’m a tad food obsessed. Cake, chocolate and carbs of any kind are my downfall.

So, there you go. An insight into me and my world. The lowdown on who I am.

I’ve yet to get my clients muddled up – though that could be quite amusing – but there’s often some cross over.

I love what I do. And, to be frank, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t. I’ve spent way too long working in environments devoid of joy and inspiration to do that again.

What I do now is fun, creative, and totally awesome! And best of all – I can be me!

If you’d like to join me in a journey of colours and style and discover who you are and what you can be, email me on and you can book a complimentary 30 minute online style review.