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  • Do you shy away from colour and end up wearing black all the time?
  • Do you yearn for the confidence to wear brighter colours but don’t know where to start?
  • Would you love to know at once when a new colour trend is one you should embrace – or one you should avoid?
  • Have you ever noticed how wearing particular colours makes you feel happy and confident? While others have the reverse effect and drain you of energy and positive emotion. Well, you’re not imagining it. There’s a proven relationship between our emotions and colours.

My colour analysis service will show you how the right colours for you will enhance your appearance and give you the biggest, self-esteem-boosting radiance you can imagine. Clients are always surprised at how different they look, when wearing the best colours for them.

What WOW colours are and how they affect your skin

WOW colours are the shades and tones that will make you look amazing. The effect of wearing these colours is little short of miraculous.

They will:  

  • Brighten and even out your skin tone
  • Reduce the appearance of redness
  • Minimize the appearance of wrinkles
  • Make dark circles under your eyes vanish
  • Give you a radiant glow

Once you know the right colours to wear, shopping becomes an activity with focus, direction and success rather than frustration and impulse buying. Think of the hours you’ll save!

But even better than all that, you can bask in a new-found confidence that others will notice – without understanding why. Prepare to receive a lot of compliments!

Clients that have undergone a colour analysis process with me talk about how completely life-changing it was for them – and you can read their stories here.

 If you want a similar transformation get in touch now – and see for yourself how you can feel.

What’s included:

  • Completion of a questionnaire to learn about your current style dilemmas.
  • A full colour, draping analysis to discover the colours that best complement your skin tone.
  • Identifying your WOW colours and grading each colour
  • A swatch of your graded season’s colours to take away with you.


In person colour analysis £349

Happy Clients

Jo, Videographer

I recently had a colour analysis and styling analysis with Reshma. I had no idea it would be SO enlightening! The colour analysis was incredible and I came away with a swatch / palate of colours that are great for me (anyone who knows about colour analysis I’m Spring- which Reshma was very excited about as not too common!) We also did a styling analysis and I came away with such great ideas about how I could and should dress – what suits me, styles, fabric designs etc… We also did a make up session and I found a lovely lipstick. All together this was VERY exciting and I’m currently fast tracking weight loss so I can completely restyle myself. My treat to myself will be a personal styling trip with Reshma! So, if you’re in doubt about what colours or styles suit you give Reshma a call and book a session. It’s also great fun!!! Thanks Reshma!!

Pam, Full time working mum

Reshma has a lovely, relaxed and friendly approach in her work. She welcomes you to her studio with a bright smile and leaves you feeling confident with your palette of colours to embrace. I found the colour analysis session really informative and very enlightening. I learnt a lot about which colours work for me and I discovered some new colours which I previously would not have chosen.

Alice, Communications Manager

Reshma instantly put me at ease and sorted me right out.  I came out of her beautiful home with a colour palette, make up tips, a plan and most importantly feeling confident and great.

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