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Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams with all your clothes?

  • Do you have ‘just in case I want to wear it again’ clothes taking up space in your wardrobe?
  • Do you still have the price tags on some of your clothes?
  • Would you love an honest opinion on what looks good?

Did you answer a great big YES to any of those? Then you and the contents of your wardrobe are crying out for me!

My wardrobe editing service has two great benefits:

  • The catharsis and liberation of removing (and recycling) all those unworn garments hanging in your wardrobe. You know the ones. Those that ‘will fit me again, when I’ve lost my baby weight/got back to the gym/keeping ‘just in case’ etc. Think of it as a clothing detox.
  • There’s a good chance that, having done the above, we’ll discover new ways for you to wear what you’ve got and rekindle your love for those neglected clothing items.

What’s Included:

My three-hour wardrobe edit service includes:

  • A full wardrobe de-clutter, lasting 3 hours
  • Wardrobe organisation
  • Creation of your capsule wardrobe and …
  • … a wardrobe planner booklet to keep and use for reference.


Wardrobe edit price £499

Happy Clients

Tracy, Teacher

Reshma has showed me what colours suit me and what best to wear to suit my shape. She helped me to sort my wardrobe and we then went shopping to find clothes to suit me and my budget. I came away with a whole new wardrobe. I feel much more confident because I know they suit me. I’ve loved the whole experience. Thank you so much!

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