Style at any Age

Oct 25, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

Style is not age related.  Style is timeless.  You can never be too old to be stylish.  You just need to look at Helen Mirren, Dame Judy Dench, Julie Walters and Goldie Hawn to name but a few.  Each of them has their own particular sense of style but there’s no denying they have it.  Style is about personality and authenticity rather than age.



I thought I would share my experience of a recent shopping trip with my 76 year old mother.  She wanted some new tops and in particular jumpers.  We decided Cribbs Causeway at Bristol would be a good shopping venue.  We started off in good old M&S which is my mother’s “safe zone”.  We found some tops and she tried them on.  The colours were great but the fit wasn’t quite right.  The tops were a little too big and baggy.  My mother has a beautiful hourglass figure. However, over a period of time she become a little smaller and and more petite.  So I asked her to try the tops on in a smaller size and from the petite section.  Perfect!  My mother was surprised but I was not.  She found it difficult to believe that she was a smaller size and could fit into a size 10 top in the petite section.  So the first lesson to learn is not to have preconceived ideas of your size. This may well change over time.  It also changes depending on what shop you are in so prepare to try on the same thing in a couple of sizes at least.


We then wandered around for a bit and came to Oasis.  This was definitely not a “safe” shop for my mother.  “The clothes are too young!” she exclaimed.  “I won’t fit into them, they’re only for skinny people!” she said.  “It’s a young person’s shop!” she muttered as I guided her in.  So now it’s time for lesson two.  Don’t have preconceived ideas about where you can shop.  Just because you are over a certain age, don’t rule out certain shops.  So I persuaded my mum to go into Oasis and try on jumpers in a size “small” (“But I’m at least a medium!” she cried). We bought some beautiful pieces.


The final buy was made in John Lewis.  We bought a dark navy suit jacket which went well with the M&S tops. It’s a great timeless addition to my mother’s wardrobe.  Again, in a smaller size than my mother expected.  A navy blazer is a great purchase and will always be a classic versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. What was the third lesson learnt?  Just because you no longer work, don’t ignore the formal “work wear” section in a shop.  Sometimes you can find a classic piece that will work well with the rest of your outfit.  A smart jacket and jeans can look casual yet elegant.  It can take you from day to night.  Just make sure the fit and quality is good.  Quality matters at any age but, as you get older, it can give you the edge.


John Lewis

The Jacket from John Lewis

So what is the final lesson?  To have lots of fun! Take the time to experiment.  Don’t put limits on yourself, what you can and can’t wear and where you can shop.  And of course, I’m more than happy to help you if need a friendly companion. I will give you an objective opinion and encourage you to venture into some new shops!