Sustainable Shopping with eBay

May 31, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

I’ve made some changes to my shopping habits recently. I don’t mean I’ve lost interest in clothes shopping.  Oh my gosh, no! That would never happen. I have though been asking myself how I might be more sustainable in my clothes shopping. And one of the answers I’ve come up with is: shop sustainably – shop on eBay!

How to shop-second hand

Well, one obvious route is charity and vintage shops and markets. In fact, my daughters and I spent a fair old amount of time visiting vintage clothing fairs (pre Covid-19) as they’re both into that. But no – what I have a new-found love for is clothes shopping on eBay.

Yes. You heard that right eBay. And I’m loving it! Now, I know what you’re thinking: second-hand furniture, dodgy electrical goods and worse. But push those thoughts away. With dedication and yes, some effort, there’s some rich pickings for you there.


There’s no denying you can pick up some fab finds in charity shops. Though there’s also no denying that, the more select the locality of the charity shop, the greater your chance of finding Armani and not Primani. That stands to reason.

‘So, what’s different about eBay then?’ I hear you cry. The four letters BNWT is what. This abbreviation stands for Brand New with Tags.  It’s hard to believe I know, but it’s clear there are people out there that haven’t undergone an Ishbel’s Wardrobe colour and style analysis. There are people out there who haven’t been Reshma’d! So, they’re still buying the wrong colours and the wrong styles. But hey – their shopping mistakes are your treasure trove.

NB: I should now point out that, of course, you can buy pre-worn-and-probably-barely-worn-clobber on eBay. But if second-hand really doesn’t appeal then BNWT stuff is a brilliant compromise. This is where you can get high-end High Street labels at rock-bottom (or close enough) prices. And who doesn’t love a bargain?

Plus – it’s more than possible that you could see an item in a store, then look on eBay and find it there at half the price. It’s always worth looking. So – below are a few tips from me on getting the best from clothes shopping on this particular virtual market place.

My top tips for eBay Shopping

  1. Do NOT get carried away. No matter how big a bargain that Karen Millen blouse is – if it’s not your colour and style it will only end up languishing in your wardrobe.
  2. Shop ONLY for clothes that fit your colours and clothing personality. Make your searches specific. The more specific you can make your search the more success is likely e.g. Hobbs pink dress size 12.

3.      Be prepared for lots of scrolling. You do have to work at this a bit. Specific searches go a long way but, more than likely, you’ll have to click a fair few next buttons to find that Phase Eight Wiggle dress that you’ll love.

4.      Auction Sniping. In actual fact, I don’t do this – I simply watch the items and follow the bidding. But, FYI, auction sniping uses software to place a bid with a good chance of going over the current highest bid, as late as possible. The idea is that it gives other bidders no time to outbid the sniper. Though there’s no guarantees.

It’s big advantage is that it stops you getting sucked into the desire to outbid other people so much that you let yourself spend more than you wanted and/or can afford. You know yourself – if you think such temptation could trip you up, then it’s something to consider.

So, there you have it. A fun way to get your fashion fix while helping to save both planet and purse.

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And if you’ve not yet been Reshma’d – why not? Get in touch now and find out how I will stop you making costly fashion mistakes. The type of mistakes that end up on eBay as BNTW.

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