This year, Save the Children’s annual Christmas Jumper day is on Friday 14th December. And I have a confession to make: it fills me with dread.

Before you get quite the wrong idea about me, let me make clear that my dread and loathing of Christmas Jumper Day is nothing to do with being a miser. Save the Children is a great charity. One that I donate to on the aforementioned Christmas Jumper Day with willingness. But without partaking in the jumper bit. The Bah Humbug is about the jumper not the event.

So, why does it fill me with dread?  Well, dread might be too strong a word. Even so, I do an inward sigh when I see adults donning their novelty Christmas jumpers with great glee. Though any child wearing a jumper with a Rudolph on it, whose nose lights up, is rocking that novelty look for me!  I used to make a small silent grimace as the rest of the office competed on who would wear the naffest jumper. Meanwhile, my colleagues handed out prizes and scoffed mince pies and embraced the whole thing.

Again, to emphasise the point, I’m no Scrooge and I happen to love Christmas and all the festivities -bar this one.  So why oh why can I not bear these jumpers?

I know full well why.  They go completely against my clothing personality.  To wear one would be like wearing a black bag to work.  I’d feel miserable all day.  Now give me a ‘Wear as Much Sparkle as You Can Get Away with In One Outfit Day’ for charity and I’d win all the prizes hands down!  This is my kind of Christmas naff.  This would suit my personality down to a T.  In fact, if I could dress that way every day I would!  See? I can have fun!  But it’s less Christmas jumper type of fun and more Swarovski bejewelled jumpsuit type of fun.  That’s the kind of woman I am.  That’s me.  It suits my style and fills with me with Christmas spirit.  Why can’t we have a day like that at the office?

Is there a purpose to my ramblings?  Well yes there is. In fact, there are three:

Firstly, the prevalence of Christmas jumper day has meant I’ve had to search for Christmas jumpers that suit me and my personality. That way I can join in the fun and actually ENJOY myself rather than pretending to laugh as Joan from accounts urges me to press the button on her jumper. The one that makes the elf on the front, jig to Jingle Bells. I’ve found jumpers that I actually want to wear because they contain a lot of sparkle, and that I’d wear beyond this charity day. For example, this one from FandF Clothing (no longer selling online) is on my shopping list for this year:

Lady wearing a typical Christmas jumper

Secondly, if you’re holding an Office Christmas Jumper Day for charity (the same goes for other similar clothing days – Red Nose Day, Dress down Fridays, Jeans for Genes Day etc) don’t be judgemental on staff who choose not to take part. They may have their own personal reasons for not doing so. Again, I never participated in Dress Down Fridays at work.  It wasn’t me and I preferred to look smart in the work environment.  What I wore set the right mood for me and I was in the correct mindset to work – I didn’t want to change that. Also, not everyone finds Christmas a time for joy. Imposing festivities on someone who may be grieving, depressed or lonely may only magnify their situation for them.  It’s beyond my remit as a stylist, but I suppose my practical message is: be mindful of your staff over this period.

Thirdly and finally, and on a lighter note, if you too are wondering why your heart sinks at the thought of Christmas jumper day, it’s likely because it’s incongruent with your own style and clothing personality. Yet fret not. There’s a Christmas Jumper out there for you that you will love!

And this is something you can find out about in one of my style consultations.  Because style is so much more than wearing clothes to suit your body shape. It’s also about discovering YOUR style.  Something that suits your personality so you can look and feel authentic.  And, more importantly, as the day looms ever closer – you can find the right Christmas jumper for you!

If you’d like to discover your clothing personality please do contact me to arrange an appointment.  As it’s Christmas it would be rude of me not to mention that I also sell gift vouchers for all my styling services too.  Email me on or call me on 07538946839 to find out more.