nothing to wear

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but always end up wearing the same few favourite items over and over again?  Don’t despair, you are not alone!  And you can change this and make your clothes in your wardrobe work harder for you so you have more clothes to wear whilst saving money at the same time.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Book a session with Reshma and have an organized wardrobe full of clothes you can’t wait to wear.

bright modern fashion women's dresses

Let Ishbel’s Wardrobe help you to edit your wardrobe.


Wardrobe Edits cost £250.

Think of the wasted money hanging in your wardrobe right now – can you afford not to?!


The personal shopping session includes time to plan what you want from your clothes that can be achieved on your budget.

You’ll rediscover the joy of shopping when you know you’ll be buying clothes you love, that you’ll look amazing wearing and are within your given budget.

Then – sit back and bask in the compliments!


A personal shopping trip costs £350 (4 hours).


The Personal Shopping was great, Reshma really opened my eyes to the ‘art of shopping’ and she is lovely!
Ishbel’s wardrobe client aged 45

The colour and style consultation literally changed my life, I feel so confident now knowing I am wearing flattering clothes.  The compliments I get are an added bonus too!
Ishbel’s Wardrobe client aged 72

Like many women I dressed to disguise my figure. But, under Reshma’s professional guidance, I realised that I was wearing totally the wrong clothes.  I now feel good and walk taller knowing that I’m dressing to suit my shape, not disguise it.  I would recommend Reshma’s Services 100%.
Ishbel’s wardrobe client aged 50