How many of you have to wear a uniform? So many jobs require us to wear specific clothing that tells the world what we do and how to react to us.  What many of us do not realise is that what we wear everyday, whatever we are doing is our “uniform”.  Even if it’s not official.  What do you think about that?  Sounds a bit odd?

Let me explain why this is true and how we can use this to our advantage to become more confident, raise our self esteem and be our authentic selves.  When we get dressed everyday we put on a uniform, be it jeans and a t-shirt, a baggy jumper or a suit.  We are indicating to everyone, for the rest of the day how much self belief and confidence we have, how much we value ourselves, our skills and talents, and therefore how much other people can rely on us.  Our uniform can dictate the rest of the day and how good we feel about ourselves.



What we decide to wear also tells a story to the outside world

Are we happy or sad, feeling angry or relaxed?  What we wear reflects our emotions and can also affect whether we have a good or a bad day.  So if you wear bright colours, it’s probably not surprising that it will lift your mood and those around you.  It doesn’t mean darker colours portray doom and gloom.  In fact, darker colours can give off a feeling of power and authority, mystery and dignity.  Once you understand the impact that certain colours have on people’s emotions and reactions to you, you can use them to your advantage to create the right effect for you.

Have you got an important presentation?

Maybe choose the navy suit or dress.  Do you have to deal with a difficult situation?  Perhaps layer greys as grey connotes peace, calmness and reliability. Is it date night (can’t bear the phrase but you get the point!).  You probably already know that wearing something red can create a romantic and passionate mood.  If you are a novice to red, a lipstick, jewellery, or scarf is a gentle way in.  So when you wake up tomorrow, think about the story you want to tell that day about yourself and choose the right uniform for you.