My instinctive response to such a question is: sleep!  But whichever way you’d use an extra fifteen minutes wouldn’t it be lovely to actually have it?

I’m posing this question because I’ve been  reminded of the survey carried out by Marks & Spencer shwopping last year. A client (a banker) told me how delighted she is now she no longer stares blankly into her wardrobe wondering what to wear every morning.  The survey revealed that it takes the average women (I’m guessing they didn’t survey men) seventeen minutes to decide what to wear.  What a waste of valuable time!  I don’t have that amount of time to spare in the morning to put an outfit together and I’m certain you don’t either.

So, if you are one of these women, or indeed a man with a similar struggle, I have some top tips on how to reduce this to around two minutes. That means you can hit the snooze button at least one more time.


Pile of clothes after decluttering wardrobe

Sounds obvious? Yet when was the last time you did this?  And how do you go about it?

Here are my top wardrobe decluttering tips:

  • Start with the clothes you never wear. If you haven’t worn it for a year bin it/recycle it/sell it/give it to charity.
  • Ditto clothes that you no longer fit into. Don’t wait to lose/gain the weight.  By the time you do, you will want new clothes anyway.
  • Ditto clothes with the labels still on!
  • If you have gone through the whole colour analysis and styling process, lose any clothes that are not in your correct colours or not in the styles that suit you.
  • Anything in need of repairing, dry cleaning etc – do something with it! You should only have clothes in your wardrobe that are fit for wear.
  • Do all that and you should find that you’ve created enough space to see the clothes you wear on a regular basis.

There’s lots of ways to organise your wardrobe so you can find the right one for you.  Many people follow the KonMari way for example.  I use a tried and tested method that, I believe, offers you the easiest way to put an outfit together.  It’s very simple.

Hang dresses together, tops together, blazers together etc.  You get the idea.  This creates what I term ‘Wardrobe Nirvana’.  In practice, it makes putting outfits together a breeze as well as giving you mix and match options.  In a world wear suited and booted is no longer the norm, being able to mix key pieces such as tailored trousers, a shirt and blazer that are not too matchy-matchy is the way forward.

It doesn’t make sense to limit your outfit choices by hanging a suit together or outfits together.


Women taking selfies when they wear a great outfit

No, I’ve not lost the plot – hear me out on this one.  If this sort of thing makes you break out into a cold sweat don’t worry. It’s for your eyes only and will be a useful aide memoire. Though of course you can post it on Instagram if you wish!  The point of all this is about making your life easy. And this is a great way to keep a photo diary of your favourite outfits.

So, the next time you’re wearing something that makes you look and feel great, take a photo of you in it and keep it. Then use it as a reminder of how you put that outfit together.


If you’ve followed the above steps you may now notice items that are missing from your wardrobe that you need.  Use these gaps in your wardrobe to create a shopping list that will be the start of creating a capsule wardrobe personal to you. Then, when you go shopping, you’ll save more time as you’ll target your shopping. Yay – more free time!.  It will also save you money and emotional energy and stop any sense of overwhelm you may feel when shopping.  You know what you want and you don’t have to spend time, money and energy on the other stuff.


I’m moving beyond the realms of the wardrobe now, but having a budget and sticking to it saves time and money in the long run.

Decide on a budget for your clothes.  This will be personal to you.  Stick to it and set this money aside you can’t spend it on nights out, bills, family etc.  If you value your skills and expertise invest in your appearance to ensure it reflects them.  You won’t make rash purchases and you’ll also have the money to spend when you see something that fills a gap in your wardrobe.

Follow the above tips and recover fifteen minutes out of your busy day – if not more!. What’s more have less stress and have a great wardrobe full of clothes that make you look and feel amazing!

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