I ask because it took me a long time to realise this about myself.  And I don’t want you to make the same mistakes as me.

For most of my adult life I’ve struggled with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, issues with my body image and worries that people will realise I am just not good enough.  How sad is that?

I was not, and am not, alone in this.  Many of my female colleagues and friends felt the same way and still do.  

The turning point for me was training to be an image and style consultant. Since forever I’d been interested in fashion, beauty and all things feminine. Hence this appealed to my inner princess.

Shop till I dropped

Wow! I could now shop all day and earn money! Plus, I got to play dress up with people and experiment with make-up. This was my dream job!

The law of unintended consequences

What took me by surprise though was how this work with other women would alter my negative thought pattern, increase my confidence and boost my self-esteem.

To the extent that I now love what I see when I look in the mirror.  I don’t notice my tummy, my grey hairs or the circles under my eyes.

They’re  all still there of course. But I ‘ve simply accepted them, learnt how to dress them, and show myself in my best light.

I’m amazing. What I do is amazing and I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved.


Happy Girl

Why not  join me and feel amazing too?

That’s not me in that picture by the way. That’s just a happy woman that knows she’s amazing too.

And you are too! You know that. Right? No? Okay try this exercise.

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.  On one side write “Debits” and on the other side write “Assets”.  Give yourself 15 seconds to write down three things about yourself that you don’t like much.

Now give yourself another 15 seconds to write down three things about yourself that you absolutely love.  Which one did you find easier?

Most people know what it is about themselves that they don’t like, but find it harder to identify the things about themselves that they do like.

My job, which is pretty amazing, is to show you where your assets are.

I will help you to highlight the great bits about you and your body and show them off to their best advantage.  Then that will be what you and other people see first.

Happy woman

Believe in yourself

So, do you want to be as happy and feel as amazing as you deserve to feel?  Do you want people to think you are amazing too?  Well, here’s the thing:

What we believe about ourselves, other people will believe about us.

This is nothing to do with your age, your dress size, your profession or your bank balance – but everything to do with what you say when you talk to yourself.

Most of us are negative when we talk to ourselves.  We are quick to kick ourselves rather than patting ourselves on the back.  But, if we want people to have confidence in us and to value us, we first have to have that confidence and sense of value in ourselves.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Here’s another exercise to try.  Stand in front of a full-length mirror at home (note the at home bit!).  Take of all your clothes, then take a good look at yourself (yipes!).

Have a note pad and pen handy and find one thing about your body that you really like.  Write it down and spend the next week dressing it.

It could be that you have lovely hair – then dress it in a way that shows it off.

Perhaps you’ve got gorgeous hands and nails? Well then give yourself a manicure in a new colour.  If you’ve got great ankles, dress to draw attention to them.  You get the idea?

If you can manage to do this for 20 weeks you will never need to see an image consultant or use my services.

But most people find it difficult to get through week one.  You have far more assets than you currently believe. And I’m just the person to  show you where they all are.

happy women

So, if you want to be as happy and confident as all the amazing ladies in in these photos give yourself a little present – me!

I will be your fairy godmother and show you that you’re already the belle of the ball. Allbeit it one that would benefit from a bit of help choosing your dress and realising how amazing you are.

Because YOU ARE!

I offer a range of services for men as well as women that can help you find the wonderful you . Visit my website to find out more about what I offer.

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